How to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel?

How to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel? Good quality stuff shoes are always safe your feet heels from injury and spots when you wear them for the entire day. If your shoes are continuously rubbing your heels, wear the socks on feet. Sometimes one size of shoes is not perfectly fit all the feet that’s why to rub the ankles. There are different methods and techniques used to prevent the feet from rubbing.

How to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel?

Causes Of Shoes Rubbing Your Ankles

  • Friction Blister
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Bursitis

Friction Blister

A friction blister is caused by the shoes which have hard material back and continuously damage your soft area of the feet. Sometimes poor fitting of shoes creates this cause. This is very painful full so avoid the bad material and poor-fitting shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis

It causes foot because of it your feet feel pain. This is a common cause not only for feet also affect ankle bones and cords from your body. All parts of the body especially the feet feel pain with Achilles tendons. In this Inflammatory condition if shoes are rubbing constantly, affect your ankles badly.


Bursitis (bur-SY-’tis) this is a very painful condition in its small sacs of the feet is damage and cause free fluid from the skin. On the result of the feet is rub create tenderness and also mussels swelling. Occur different body parts mostly on feet, elbow, hip, and shoulder.

How to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel back of your ankle achilles?

  • Protect your skin
  • Use an Anti friction Balm
  • Wear Deodorant
  • Heel Bandages
  • Shoes Fitting

Protect your skinHow To Stop Shoes From Rubbing The Back Of Your Ankle

Skin protection is the priority If you have a raw spot or blister on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that safeguard your skin from wounds.

If your shoe fitting is not perfect applying moleskin to your heels. It is applied before wearing shoes. It is a durable fabric that has adhesive on one side. You can cut this according to your heel size and keep on your shoes. Find out some shoes for swollen pregnant feet.

It’s must be safe your feet from the spot and blisters. Before wearing the shoes must dry your shoes from a towel. Don’t wear wet shoes because they damage your feet skin and make it soft. Clean the dust and debris before wearing the shoes.

Use an Anti friction BalmHow To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles

The balm is a lubricant that saves your feet against the friction. Mostly the products like balm are made with the ingredients that create a buffer between the shoes and heel.

The balm has greater effects it is the solution of any pain from your body. It is a basic solution to many general problems and pain. You can apply this before wearing the shoes during a walk. If you have continuous pain reapply it. Easy to apply with hand or sticks.

Wear Deodorant

Deodorant solves against bacteria. If you want to prevent your feet from bacteria don’t wear wet shoes and avoid unnecessary friction and irritations. Before wearing the shoes must be applied to the deodorant on your feet. Deodorant is available in the shape of powder it is more than better as compare to the other product like sticky gel.

Heel Bandages

Ban Aid is a brand that makes bandages for your blister heals. It is specially designed for this purpose to treat the rub and injured heels in a proper way. There is a lot of benefit of on this bandage that gives relief from pain and shoes are stiff press against the skin. Waterproof absorbs the sweat from the feet. Another solution if you want to save your skin from injury wear socks before wearing shoes.

Shoes Fitting

Shoe fitting is also the best solution to prevent your foot from rub and injury. Narrow shoes fitting tight up the feet in this way your feet are continuously rubbing and damage heels. Always measure the size of your feet and then purchase the perfect quality and size shoes. With the help of these methods, you can stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel back of your ankle Achilles. Check out some walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

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