Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation

Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation. We know most about common feet problems. In our society, many people are suffering from flat feet and overpronation problems. Having some natural problems they are execrated themselves and cannot join military forces of their homelands, because doctors considered them a medically unfit.

We also know flat feet as Pes Planus. Flat foot is a natural breakdown in which the arches of the foot collapse, sole of the foot contact directly with the ground.

Flat foot is a problem that appears to your first day of birth, it is not a cause that occurs after a long term of your birth. Some people also assume that the problem of flat feet is depending on the choice of shoes, and muscle weakness. Flat feet can create knee problems too.

10 Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation

What is Overpronation?

Over-pronation is a natural movement. This problem is more irritating while you are walking and running. It is clear to see when we are walking and the weight put on by our bodies. Over-pronation is part of our body absorption system.

Over-pronation is a problem that can affect your direction of forces of legs and feet. The problem of overpronation leads you to serious injury and a health risk.

If someone has some problems like this, they feel ashamed of themselves in front of others and most of the people make fun of them. As they do not enrol themselves in the military forces.

We diagnose these problems by the looks and angles of one’s foot. Flat feet and overpronation causes problems with time like, Leg exhaustion, heel pain, fractures in the leg, lower back pain, and cause crucial bunions.

One of the best and self and homemade solutions of flat feet and overpronation is that our selection of shoes should be in a moral sense. We must have to select those shoes which comfort us and prove to be the best companion of our feet. If you want to the best walking shoes for (Men or WomeN)  there are some things for you to remember in your Mind;

In the searching of shoes for the running and walking for the long term to reduce your problem and enhance the comfort zone for your feet you have a lot of questions, Like style, features, and cost ranges, variety, sizes, and a unique pair for your feet.

There are three most popular types.

  1. Cushioned shoes
  2. Balance  shoes
  3. Motion-control shoes

After in-deep research and long-term dialogue with the consultant I suggest a list of shoes for your flat feet and overpronation;

1. Brooks Women’s Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation

The product divides into two parts one is the mesh and the second one major part is synthetic. The rubber sole is present in this shoe. Important thing is that this shoe designed for runners, sports lovers because it has a level of flexibility and a straight line design which gives you a perfect look.Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

These shoes give you high stability and are wonderful for overpronation. The shoe has soft foam at the backside and has a big toe. The design of the shoe prevents you from serious risk and a suitable gift one for your loved one.

Ideal shoes for runners and very helpful for those people who have a craze of Gym. The product is very soft and cushiony and leads you everywhere while a game or workout. Not a bulk product even with 3D fit prints with a stylish streamlined design.

It is useful for stride, so the shoe recommendation and demand is high in the sports field. The major purpose of this shoe is to increase the movement of a person wearing this and gives you a complete comfort to your knee and as a whole foot. Highly recommended for flat feet with greater arch support.


  • Wearable for a long time
  • A big toe and well made
  • Move quickly


  • The product is not waterproof

2. Ryka Women’s Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation

If we are you are searching for a shoe for the flat feet and specially overpronation, then you have to consider the one thing that soft products are the actual products that can enhance pressure and provides you with a life free from pain.Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

So the product made by 100% pure synthetic, and material used in the shoemaking is very Rare. The shoe has also a synthetic sole and the best supportive arch which heals your pain, better for the flat feet. The product has highly recommended and comfortable for every piece of land.

The lower and upper slides under the shoe look like a natural, as they perfect for flat feet and the problem like overpronation. The shoes have an outstanding style and regard as walking shoes.

More the cushion impact more the shock-absorbing. Additional layers are present for the comfort and moral design for unique foot shape and engineered for the healthy build, muscles, and movement.

Recordable comfortable shoes and helps the flat feet to walk every step with no hardness, fantastic for overpronation and they are snug. best walking shoes for flat feet

Good for the outdoor, long time standing duty, and easy to breathe this shoe also proves helpful for the hips and bad spine.


  • Wonderful cushion effect
  • Cooling properties
  • Best for the bad ankle
  • Plenty of support and softness
  • Attractive, stylish, very lightweight


  • Not removable Soles
  • Not useful for winter

3. Nike Men’s Flex Experience best walking shoes for flat feet

By using a synthetic material whole product designed and sole of the shoe is also a soft synthetic matter. Highly comfortable and with greater arch support, the use of foam enhances the style, helps smoothly those who have flat feet while running.Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

The arch placed at the lower top and the big sole is present for comfortability. Lightweight and has durability for flat feet and overpronation helps to your goal.

The shoe is a naturally flexible, stylish, and durable design, which gives confidence and has an additional benefit while running. Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

Midsole and comfortable hexagonal grooves offer you a running freely and help the heel for ordinary motion. Greater shoe and true to size provide pressure and energy to the flat feet to make this ordinary foot.

Literally hard surface from the outside as compared to the inner side. These are the unisex shoes, and also good for bad drop feet. Best for all seasons, either winter or summer, easy to wash and clean.  The product has a very reasonable price and has high ratings.


  • Best for Running & workout
  • lightweight
  • Washable, easy to in and out, quickly
  • Laces do not untie constantly


  • Outer hard surface
  • Sometimes sole will fall off soon

4. STQ Women’s Running Shoes walking shoes for flat foot

This shoe has a magical look and very stylish that every person wants to buy if this one is in front of the eyes. Rubber makes the sole of the shoe comfortable, air cushion, and flexible.Best Walking Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Because of its lightweight this shoe response in no time and in walking or running, so it will be a superb choice for outdoor sports lovers. Actually, this shoe is a running shoe so it will be helpful for your flat feet and overpronation.

This shoe is a mixture of mesh and synthetic fabric material, which accommodates your flat feet and increase your moving step nicely. Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

They will be perfect for walking, running, cycling, jogging, weight losing, rowing, football, volleyball, and yoga.  Increase your casual life routine easier, although best for wide feet.

This shoe is pressure releases and Stretchable, a slip-resistant to every piece of land.  They are big but true to size and super comfortable, lightweight, another plus point of these shoes it proves helpful for the plantar fasciitis.


  • Good looking, stylish
  • Slip-resistant shock absorbable
  • Best for Flat feet & overpronation


  • The shoe has no tight grip

5. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

100% Pure leather is used to make this product and have a synthetic sole, and the shoe comes with extra-wide width and narrow width. It is used to elevate the running experience and helps the flat feet to regain its ordinary shape.Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Bigger arch support and foam at the top back side enhance stability and balance. It has a camel-like foot lower look, and this comparison exactly work to your stability and balanced walk.

These shoes have a tongue at the front side, multi-layers outdoor which gives a different stylish look. Best men’s walking shoes for flat feet.

The laces are enough good and the product has a very lightweight, secure feeling raises in our body, and you can stride every step with a new passion. The product is not bulky as it seems to be and has full-grain leather.

This shoe has vigorous support and long-lasting for a longer time, no worry of money, and wasted if you want to buy these shoes. They can be wearable all-day and relieve foot pain, and also amazing and recommended for those who have plantar fasciitis.


  • 100% pure leather soft and cushion
  • Secure feeling, slip-resistant
  • Long-lasting, high durability
  • Gives control motion, comfortable


  • Slightly stiff and short shoelaces

6. STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes

This product made by the original mesh and imported which is the sign of full attraction. The shoe has a synthetic sole, very comfortable, and good looking, and improves your style and confidence in your society and in the other people.Best Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

Because the shoe has no laces so these are easy to put on and take off, and breathable. Durability and lightweight spring your every step and cushion effect increases pressure and helps to reduce pain and good for flat feet as well for foot pain.

Smooth fabric and wide round toe, and flexibility all these factors are helpful for relieving the pain of overpronation and these are helping materials to wear and stand on the hard surface for a longer time.

High-quality rubber and greater arch support, outsole with cushion provide a tight grip, can be a dress on any clothes. Best motion control walking shoes for flat feet.

Can be wearable for a long time so we can use this shoe for the gym, working, dance, etc. Multiple colours attract women more towards this shoe, as they have a taste of matching dress.

Its upper part looks like a sock and has a breathable mesh, shock absorption EVA insole, air cushion, and texture which is the antiskid sole. Shockproof design of air cushion, memory foam, and the property of ventilation prevents your knees, and foot hurt.


  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Great arch support
  • Best for walking & running
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Air cushion, durable, multicolor


  • Not water-resistant
  • Bad for muddy situations

7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum best men’s walking shoes for flat feet

A fresh addition to our list of shoes is amazing and has unique features, the fabric is used to manufacture this one of the great shoes and needs of victims of flat feet, bunion, and overpronation. Best men’s walking shoes for flat feet.
Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet Womens

The sole of the shoe is of rubber, seamless construction reduces the pain and prevents further irritation. The heel has a distinct look which makes the shoe stylish, and wonderful.

Fabric lining and soft material used provides significant support, comforts, and long-lasting wearing experience, and the lightweight EVA midsole helps the flat feet to remain in the ordinary position.

Air cushion and midsoles provide all-day comfort, Gel brand technology used to protect your feet from serious injury during walking, playing, driving, and in the fitness workout.

High quality and durable upper synthetic material reduce your difficulty in your freedom motion and less the friction. Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

EVA midsole of the shoe and Gel Brand Technology,  and lightweight gives you a bouncy motion and absorbs every shock that prevents your joints. True to size, slip-resistant, and gives you a freedom motion at the hard road, plain surface, or on your standing working place.


  • Good quality fabric
  • The high rubber material
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Superior support and air cushion
  • The best shoe for severe foot pain


  • Too narrow and difficult to wash
  • Not good for rainy seasons

8. SOARFREE Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal

The shoe we are discussing now is a sandal type shoe and the shoe looking is very charming, and it has a maximum cushion effect. Rubber makes the sole of the shoe, imported, and premium quality material used to make this product unique.Best Men's Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Soft woven and comfortable foam are used to ensure your feet and healthy build up in daily routine work. Lightweight, flexible, and medium EVA density greater arch support, helps to relieve pain link with plantar fasciitis, knee pain, flat feet, overpronation, and for the tired feet.

The arches of the shoe hug your feet and give you a complete level of comfort and natural feel. You will get support and stability by the biochemical orthotic technology, flexible, lightweight, EVA medium density, and midsoles control air-cushion effect.

Reducing stress on heel, feet, knees, and target the actual irritating part of your foot.

Unique and top rubber material and geometrical design ensures for more safeness and prevents from slip, wear-resisting is also an additional quality of the shoe.

The shoe instant relief pain, wide toe to spread your feet naturally, greater arch support gives excellent and wonderful shock absorption impact. Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.


  • Highly recommended
  • Well made, and comfortable
  • Greater arch support, air cushion
  • Reduce heel pain, knee pain


  • Not for running and workout
  • Not Walking and traveling shoe
  • They smell bad just like a plastic chemical

9. Dreamcity Women’s best walking shoes for women with flat feet

90% percent fabric is used to make this shoe and the sole of this shoe made by rubber. The shoe has an amazing look and very stylish; it attracts the people who love voyages more.Best Motion Control Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

It has a durable and breathable mesh that allows the foot to breathe and air crosses continuously give you a cooling facility. The shoelaces have also an astonishing look and increase the beauty of the shoe.

The outsole of the shoe has a tight grip on the water helpful for the slippery conditions. Premium sock liner gives the high cushion environment, provides cooling and drier conditions in the shoes.

Open mesh, rubber, and sole become helpful for breathing, drying quickly, and best for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and overpronation.

Nowadays everyone wants a piece of fashion, be fearless, and you will be happy with the company of these shoes.

Holes in the sole are good in the water and for the normal surface, and wonderful for the Neurotherapy.

The upper mesh of the shoe is of a lightweight fabric that provides superb breathability, cooling, quick-drying and the plus point of these shoes is that good for the health of a human body. The shoe has a unique non-slippery hollow design, because of these holes its grip on the ground is tight.


  • Very supportive
  • quick-dry and stable
  • Comfort, and super breathability
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Not best at all for the rocky path
  • Holes of shoes get pebbles into the shoe

10. ASICS Men’s Gel- best motion control walking shoes for flat feet

In the list our another astonishing, and unique product best for the flat feet bad knee, sore, tired, and bad feet. This is a manmade product and outstanding quality fabric is used to make this product and has a rubber sole of unique style.Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

The premium sock liner and the material provides wonderful moisture, comfortability, and breathability.

ASICS is basically a running shoe and excellent for the outdoor runners, and gives high performance, the best cure for your flat feet and overpronation. Best walking sneakers for flat feet.

Gel technology and EVA midsole provide the shock absorption which you need the most and you will wear this shoe all day long. The shoe is enough air cushion, extra-wide, lightweight, big toe box, and fits perfectly.

Excellent more trained companion for running, walking, workout, and outdoor activities, and gives you a bouncy back performance, and the shoe has durable and practical.

Midsole, foam, gel technology, and high air cushion system gives you a pillow-enjoy feeling while walking and running. Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

Excellent sock liner and foam placed at the backside of the shoe ensures the additional durability, bouncy movement of feet, freedom motion, and balance running.

Best permanence running shoe and has a magical shock absorption for the outdoor runners, gym, sports lovers, and extra synthetic leather increases the natural healing process more efficient.

Gel technology and extra EVA midsole protects your problems of feet and reduces the irritation, gives a cooler environment to the bad part of the foot.


  • Comfortable use for walking
  • Lightweight, a big toe box
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to wear, highly recommended


  • Synthetic often rough in a few months
  • Hard to wash


Buying Guide Best walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation

When we are in search of the best shoe for our flat feet and overpronation and for the other problems associated with the feet, we must have considered a few important things in our mind. Here are Details of fallen arches. Here we discussed these features.

Use of insole and socks made for flat feet

All the above mention shoes designed for your flat feet and overpronation, but we have to use the more efficient shoes, insole, and socks made for the only purpose to cure the flat feet and overpronation. Keep in mind that some insole can’t fit perfectly in your shoe, this is a basic measurement.

Great Arch support

Good arch support is the basic and important need of the shoes which will use for the flat feet, either running or walking for a longer time. The greater arch support helps you to give a high-level comfortability, stable motion, quick motion, and arch support easier to walk around for a long time. The superb arch support gives bouncy back energy and provides an excellent performance.

Replace Old shoes

It’s a good habit to change your shoes with the time because it is necessary for our feet and healthy body build-up free from serious risks. If you change your shoes, it is good for the problems associated with feet like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain, and overpronation.

Beware of the sizes of Shoes

The size of the shoe is very important because when you wear a wrong number shoe or a greater shoe you will definitely do not get rid of your feet problem. Before ordering the shoe the size of the shoe is considerable and the correct size will help you give the compatible environment.

Premium quality, heel, Low price

The premium quality material will always make the best products and the heel of the shoe for flat feet and overpronation will not so high or less. It has a balance type and medium heel with comfortable support, air cushion system, and pressure releasing ability. Prices of the best shoes for the problems links with the feet, flat feet, and overpronation not so high, they have approachable price ranges always and fulfill your expectations, by reducing pain and providing you a high-level comfortability.

Durability and Midsoles

Another most important thing to note is that the durability and premium quality of the product, the durability of the product enhances the pressure on the bad parts of the feet and reduces the pain. By multiple layers of the shoe, you will feel secure and it avoids serious injury. Check out some Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet.


FAQs walking shoes for flat foot

What kind of shoes are best for flat feet?

The shoes having high mesh, greater arch support, medium heel, durability, soft foam, gel technology, shock absorption, and air cushion system are wonderful and unique shoes for the flat feet and overpronation. Having these remarkable qualities a lot of problems associated with feet like plantar fasciitis, knee pain, heel pain, crucial bunions, are no more your headache.

How to lace running shoes for flat feet?

We spent a lot of time researching how to lace the running shoes and from our latest lacing testing techniques, and the best experience recommendations. Lacing techniques are not so harder, and here we discuss some tips of lacing the running shoe;

  • Lacing material
  • Number of soles

How to pick running shoes for flat feet?

We have to remember some things in our mind, and these are including premium quality material, lightweight, cushion, comfort, and breathability. Durable outsoles and midsoles of the shoe.  The shoe will be wearable for a long time, easy to wash, and gives high bouncy motion.

What are the most comfortable shoes for flat feet?

The shoes which have lightweight for daily use, durable sole, best comfortable foam, upper soft mesh, laces to tie one time only, stylish, and good looking. Wide and soft shoes are best for the flat feet, and those shoes which cross the air from the pores develop the cooler environments.

How to find the right pair of running shoes for flat feet?

Their many shoes are many for flat feet used to running, having different shapes, colours, looks, styles, wide, narrow, and quality-based products. Yes, a little hard to find the right pair of shoes for flat feet, but we have to choose the best of all the best shoes.

Pick the one right pair of the shoe according to tips above mentioned, by wearing to feel to be confident. Your right pair will be a flexible, wide, soft, big toe, balance, and highly recommended shoe, quick-dry, and high supportive properties. Check Out some Orthopedic shoes for knee problems.

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