Best slippers for pregnancy

Best slippers for pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of little uncomfortable for any woman. In this situation, women can experience the problem of swollen and sour feet. When you want to relief from these difficulties, choose the slippers specially designed for pregnant women.

Weight is boost during the pregnancy so that why safety from swollen is necessary. Pregnancy slippers give you satisfaction in multiple conditions. Slipper from pregnant women has a quality of comfortability and reliability. After taking reviews we list the top 8 Best slippers for pregnancy.

Best slippers for pregnancy

1. BOBS from Skechers Best slippers for pregnancyBest Slippers For Pregnancy

Imported slippers for pregnant women made with the cable-knit sweater and rubber insole. Absorb the water and keep the feet wet.

There is no difficulty to wear indoor outdoor. Not easy to wear on wooden stairs. Well made and easy to on and off.

Better for plantar fasciitis and also highly recommended for the women who have swollen feet. These are the popular brands of pregnant women because of their comfortability and reliability. Suitable for the winter season.


  • Its have a solid bottom
  • Fuzzy interior
  • Inexpensive slippers
  • Comfortable in use


  • The inside bottom of the slipper is not coming out

2. RockDove Women’s Best slippers for pregnancyComfy Shoes For Pregnancy

Another slipper for pregnant women is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. These slippers are a hands-free, slip-on style with an open back. There are no difficulties on and off.

Rock dove slipper has a foamy sole. Keep safe your feet from sweat and odor smell. When you want to keep the slipper with proper care wash in the washing machine.

The insole of the slipper is made with memory foam. Durable slipper gives you the comfortability like a walk on the pillow.

Also suitable for men because these have two tones. Pregnant women do not feel tired when walking for the whole day.


  • Comfort and sturdy
  • Memory foam insole
  • Durable slipper
  • Easy to on and off


  • The back of the slipper is hard

3. Vionic Women’s slippers for pregnant ladies
Best Slippers For Pregnancy

Modern synthetic sole slippers and size of the heel is approximately”1″. Give your feet proper comfy and plush. Hook and loop of the slipper are fully adjustable.

The lining of the slipper is soft with fabric-covered footbed. You feel very secure because they have strap easily fitted in the feet.

Light in weight and flexible medium density. Trusty and durable slipper with great traction outsole. Perfectly stale the feet when you walk on up and downstairs.

Available in different sizes with the quality of antibacterial and always keep the slipper fresh.


  • Great arch support
  • Soft in structure
  • Keep your feet relax
  • Synthetic sole slipper
  • Best Pregnant slippers


  • Terry wears under toes

4. Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule pregnant slippers

Vionic women have a textile upper and also have textile-covered EVA footbed. Special made with the fabric and rubber outsole. Certified by APMA (American podiatric medical association) seal of acceptance.Pregnant Slippers

Available in a plush mule style with adjustable hook and loop closure across the vamp. Properly support the swollen feet of pregnant women.

These slippers are full biochemical contact perfectly fit in the feet. Easy to wear under any casual dress. Most of the peoples are used these slippers for safety from diabetes.

Do not keep these slippers in still water its lining surface is damage. Sometimes it’s a bit lose without socks wearing socks is more comfortable.


  • Textile upper
  • Full biochemical contact
  • AMPA certified
  • Safe from diabetes


  • Lose without socks

5. Pregnant slippers Heel and Foot Pain

World’s most comfortable and stylish slipper for pregnant women. Give you the relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain. This is also the best foot orthopedic solution.Slippers For Pregnant Ladies

Light in weight and stylish in look. Arch support slipper available with multiple cushioning layers. Properly support your feet in pregnancy and save you from back pain.

The Upper of the slipper is soft that is easy to wear and also perfectly fit on normal or swollen feet. The toe box is play important role in comfort and stability.

For the reason of great comfortability, it’s highly recommended to pregnant women. You can wear these slippers and run long for many hours.

Much better feel after wear and also well-made slipper. Quality slippers for pregnant ladies.


  • Light in weight
  • Highly recommended
  • Multiple cushioning layers
  • Stylish in look


  • Clunky and bulky

6. Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap

Synthetic rubber sole luxury slippers that have velvety soft terry cloth fabric upper. All around the slipper is soft and wrap the feet with proper comfort. These slippers are multilayer insole.Best Slippers For Pregnancy

Quick recovery memory foam is supported by multilayer insole. These are premium quality slippers for your active lifestyle. Help to pamper your feet in walk and exercise.

Women like these slippers for 40 years. Improve your lifestyle give your feet satisfaction fro slip. Reasonable price is easily available in different sizes.

Elastic and straps are available with the help of it easily fit in any size of feet. Weatherproof and skid-resistant slippers easily wash and dry in the washing machine. Keeps your feet warm and soft in the winter season.


  • Velvety soft slippers
  • Quick recovery memory foam
  • Warm and soft
  • Reasonable price


  • The foot box is short

7. isotoner Women’s Best slippers for pregnancy

Different slippers made with 100% polyester. Sole of this slipper is synthetic. Easy to wear indoor and outdoor with an adjustable strap. Always keep the feet cozy and comfortable.Slippers For Pregnant Ladies

Great cushion multilayer insole perfectly hug to the feet. It has both qualities of heel and arch support. Weatherproof there are no worries to wear in the rain, summer and winter also skid resistance.

Lightweight slipper transition from house bedroom in timeless style. Keep away from heat and give convenient care wash in the machine with cold water. Durable sole your feet feel like a bed of tiny pillows.

You can also feel relax when wear it day and night. Adjustable and versatile design suitable for travel and save swollen feet from fatigue and tiredness. Budget slippers for pregnant ladies.


  • Made with polyester
  • Skid resistance slipper
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Versatile design


  • Only wash with cold water

8. Spenco Women’s pregnant slippers

Imported slipper made with pure leather and have a synthetic sole. Shaft measure arch of these slippers is approximately low-top from arch. A suitable choice for the winter season and perfectly supports the footbed.Slippers For Pregnant Ladies

When you wear the slipper no fear to slip. There is no marking outsole. Soft slipper Gives you the relief from back pain heel pain and arch pain.

Perfect slippers or the patient of plantar fasciitis and diabetes. Available in different colors and sizes. Help you walk on the hardwood floor and also highly recommended to pregnant women.

All ages ladies are wearing these slippers because these slippers are unmatched comfortable. Easy to clean with water and also use the natural way to dry.


  • Use natural ways to dry
  • Easy to walk on the hardwood floor
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Suitable for swollen feet


  • Arch support is not high enough

Buying Guide Of Best slippers for pregnancy

In pregnancy, most of the women live to relax and comfy. We try our best to list the slipper gives perfect results to swollen feet women. In these slippers, you can easy to walk on different floors for a whole day. Different slippers are suitable for different seasons. Always keep your feet dry and free from odor. All these slippers perfectly stable your body weight. When you want to purchase the best slippers for pregnancy check these qualities.


Fitting is necessarily checked at the time of purchase. Most of the women have wide and swollen feet so the size of feet increases as compared to the normal size. Fitting is the first priority found in the selective slippers.


This is a very important consideration in pregnancy slippers. In any weather, it saves your feet from water also absorbs the sweat from feet. Keep your feet free from the odor. Help you in walk and exercise when you wear them the whole day.


Always select the arch support slipper because they save your body from pain. Give you the relief from back pain, knee pain, joints pain. A low broad arch is most prior maintain the balance of your body. Perfect choice for pregnant women that have swollen feet.


The ideal shoes for pregnancy are breathable. These slippers are boosted the comfortability level of feet. Easy to wear the whole day your feet do not feel fatigued.


These listed slippers are properly supported your feet. Specially designed for pregnant women as the bodyweight is exceeded day by day. You can easily use these slippers for the ninth month of your pregnancy. Support your feet and give unmatched relaxation. The super choice for women who have swollen feet and the patient of plantar fasciitis or diabetes.


All these listed slippers are not warm always keep the body’s blood pressure stable. Also, help in exercise with proper checks and balances of your body weight.


The bottom line of the above discussion is that you can wear these above-listed slippers also in normal days excluding pregnancy. Super easy to wear and give you the incredibly comfy even you wear them a whole day. Prevent you from injury and different pains. We highly recommended these slippers because of their better qualities.

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