Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet. Toddlers are the great blessing of God, the house without the children feels like empty, children are continuing to develop emotionally, cognitively, and socially.

The toddler stage named for the term “toddling” the way children move when they first walk, commonly known as terrible twos. Toddlers are naturally curious, intelligent, and sensitive which makes this stage a perfect time for some parent and child classes.

Your child can eat all the same food you can with some exceptions, it is necessary to focus on feeding and the healthy diet of the children. Whenever toddlers may refuse a meal, doing other activities you need not worry because they are still getting plenty of calories and nutrients.

If you have a toddler and the size of feet having wider than average, and you feel difficulty to find the best shoes that will accommodate their feet perfectly.

Let us help you with our unique guide to the best collection of toddler’s shoes for the wide feet. Children’s feet grow and change shape quickly and finding the best shoes for wide feet that fit them perfectly can be a nightmare.

My deep research of 18 hours compels me to make a list and discuss with you because we care about children and their healthy build up because these are the real capitalists of the future of every nation.

8 Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

1. Native Shoes, Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

This shoe has a unique and stylish look, it is a lightweight product and imported or the USA made with a rubber sole. It places great and supportive arch its low-top, especially friendly with the water, quick-drying, and also a lightweight foam placed in the shoe.Best Shoes For Toddlers With Wide Feet

This will be the best companion of your toddlers because they protect from bacteria, odor-resistant, and sweat-free shoes, easy to slide into the shoe, and easy to clean.

These shoes have a durable rubber band and a comfortable toe cap. This shoe is the leader of lite-ness and has soft EVA midsole. The shoes have all the fine features that you need, a magical shock absorber, hand-washable, and some time little sand get into the shoe.

A perfect selection of your summer collection, easy to put, super cute, and best for all the seasons, all over very useful for the kids who have a wide toe and larger feet than average.

These shoes are easy to put on and comfy, these have come with different colors, bright, neutral, light, dark, protective, and best for any play, climbing, biking, walking, and running of toddlers.


  • True to size, lightweight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Super comfortable, and cute
  • Easy to slide, Great for summer


  • Runs a little small
  • Some time irritated toe

2. Crocs Kids Classic Clog | Glitter Girls | Slip-on Shoes

The shoe is of 100% pure synthetic and has a synthetic sole, with a charming, amazing look, very comfortable and sparkly. These shoes are best for your kids because they give a glittering effect and make sparkle in your kids’ daily routine life, in short, perfect for your toddlers.Best Shoes For Toddlers With Wide Feet

As these shoes specially made for the children and glittering effect ensures the happiness of a child while in the playground, because they are also comfortable, light, and easy to wear.

The cozy and flexible material, the lightweight foam iconic crocs used which people love more, children like the most, provides the complete level of comparability and stable movement.

These shoes fit perfectly to the causal dress and wearing the shoes is incredibly fun for the toddlers and their favorite fun. Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.

By wearing these shoes kids love to show off in the playground, the habit to wear the shoes become sturdy, although these crocs prevent your toddlers from a serious feet injury. They are a unique gift also because kids love them, their varieties of colors, all above their sparkling property is astonishing.


  • Lightweight and great sparkle
  • Comfortable, and easy to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Toddlers kick them off because easy to take off

3. Adidas Kids’ Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

The shoe has premium quality material with a trendy and new amazing look, which adds to the beauty, ensures the level of comfort and relaxation to your feet. Toddlers love to wear these like shoes, showing off because Adidas is a name of the brand, they are 100% synthetic, and an outstanding quality rubber sole.Shoes For Babies With Fat Feet

As they are soft shoes, having great arch support so the kids can love and wear them for a long time, quick and easy to carry anywhere. Toddler shoes for wide feet.

The shoe is protective and always saves the kids from a serious risk because of its upper comfort strap, another plus point of these shoes is that children can not take them off easily, which gives the confidence level to the parents.

They are regular to your toddlers, shaft measure taken approximately 0-6” from the arch Shoes for toddlers with fat feet.

These shoes unisex and all above best for the child who has a flat foot, true to size and sweat-free, flexible and cute which causes the attraction of toddlers. Recommended to machine wash with warm clean water and allow them to air dry.


  • Comfortable, and easy to wear
  • Machine washable, cute and cozy
  • True to size, fits perfectly


  • Laces tie only once

4. Santiro Kids Sneakers toddler shoes for wide feet

Our discussing pose to the shoes of the kids’ which is best for the kids who love outdoor sports, the use of the shoe indoor is also a good feeling because these shoes made by fabric and synthetic. The shoe has an exquisite style without laces, but it wins the heart of toddlers, they love them and take an interest to wear them all day long.Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet

Mesh used in manufacturing, the upper part offers the most comfortability and breathability, a little high heel is introducing in the shoe.

These shoes stop the smelly effect from toddlers’ feet, protect from bacteria, germs, and provides the cooler environment toddler shoes wide feet.

Knit mesh and the upper part of the shoe offer superb breathability, to keep the foot sweat-free and cool, and sock-like elasticity and soft knit upper material make take-off experience easier.

They fit amazingly and people love to buy them because they give the protection ability of the child, and more these are fashionable too. Sneakers are suitable for school sports, running, playing, exercise, and workout of toddlers.

Fit for all the seasons helps the kids to take them as their own and make independent, durable sole, and soft grooves provide anti-slip. Great for casual wear and unique fashionable design, gives a confident look to your child in town. Shoes for toddlers with fat feet.


  • Grand design and looks fashionable
  • Anti-slip and easy to in and out
  • Comfortable, best for all type of sports
  • Breathable and give maximum support


  • Hard to washable, sometimes squeaks

5. Converse Chuck Taylor extra wide toddler shoes

The product imported and made by the canvas, has the best quality rubber sole, lightweight, and breathable construction, high tops with the great supportive arch. These shoes are lace-up and top sneakers, they do not knock off and it takes measures approximately high top from the arch.Toddler Sandals Wide Feet

Perfect because of lightweight, canvas construction, and design, its rubber sole provides double traction. Because of the softness and use of premium material, shoes spring your kids every step with a new zeal and prevents the toddlers from slip and serious risk.

These shoes are true to size, most of the people recommended based on quality and performance, these perfectly designed for the kids’ use and can use for long-lasting.

The shoes are great flexible, true to size, and have high arch support. Smooth working, playing, running, workout, and protection of the toddlers are the prior features, every time you wear they give the new fresh natural feeling best for the healthy feet. The shoes are flexible.


  • Not knocks off and high tops
  • Highly recommended, true to size
  • Fit as expected, and flexible
  • Suitable price, substantial support


  • Not super durable

6. Fantiny Boys & Girls extra wide toddler shoes

Everyone needs a piece of comfort and fashion in his life, this shoe is very comfortable’ and easy to bend, cup insole including punching air hole.

The sole of the shoe is of rubber and shoe show very resistant to the water because of its light fabric, and cross ventilation helps the fast to dry and cooler the inner shoe environment.Shoes For Toddlers With Fat Feet

These shoes attract the elders and kids because it has a lovely design with a lot of features, with suitable price and foot safety.

The shoe has adjustable webbing, chief end-hemline for convenience, and ensures the style best for water sports kids like the most. Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.

No burden while toddlers wearing them as they are best for swimming walking, or running, breathable insoles, durable soles, and anti-slip permeable water hole design protect babies from slipping.

Multiple cushions insoles of the shoes enhance the comfortability, they can absorb the sharp shocks, helps to protect the child from the serious risk. These toddlers’ shoes are easy to bend at 360 degrees, rubber pods provide lightweight, reduces the heel, knee pain, and fatigue of afoot.


  • Super lightweight and anti-slip
  • Breathable insole, and durable insoles
  • Flexible & Protective
  • Easy to put, Quick dry


  • Not suitable for rocky paths

7. Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane 

Product is 100% of pure leather with an impressive design, imported and have a rubber sole, with some unique color combination kids love to wear them. Premium leather used the link with a wonderful quality rubber sole which offers flexibility and protects the toddlers, from falling or facing a harmful injury.Shoes For Chubby Baby Feet

Easy to wear and the strap is the best protective layer for the kids not to take them off frequently, the design of the shoe engineers especially for the growing toddlers.

Kids adore them as well these shoes encourage the spirit of sports in the children and give protection satisfaction to the parents.

The insole comprising many layers of memory foam which gives the kid a complete level of comfortability helps the toddlers in a leap, running, walking, and jumping extra wide toddler shoes/

An additional feature of the shoe is that these are best for the wide feet of the toddlers, flexibility ensures the free movement, and can be wearable for long-lasting. They are easy to maintain for a long time by caring as, brush off to dry dust dirt, and use a cloth with mild detergent.


  • 100% pure leather, Comfortable
  • Good quality arch support
  • Protective closure strap
  • True to size, Easy to maintain


  • Knocks off and pricy
  • Less color variety

8. K-Swiss Kids’ Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

The product mostly is of synthetic, imported, have a rubber sole, and upper of the shoe is of leather, which makes the shoe looking unique. Toddlers love and can do anything from running, playing, walking, to workout, some parents also adore them.Extra Extra Wide Toddler Shoes Toddler Shoes Wide Thick Feet

These shoes are the most comfortable, excellent quality of leather and synthetic used, textile collar lining enhances the style,  beauty, and recommended level.

Sneakers have molded rubber outsole and die-cut EVA sock-liner provides high-level protection to your loved one baby, protects from bacteria and dust, and ensures a neat and clean inner shoe environment, can be wearable longer.

K-Swiss are fit perfectly to a toddler who has wide feet, and wider toe box, they come with lace closure design and easy to adjustable.

They are useful for the long term in futuristic, give high back bounce energy and best performance. Toddler shoes wide thick feet.


  • Super cute and stylish
  • The best for school uniform
  • True to size, comfortable
  • Durable shoe, lace closure


  • Not recommend for machine wash
  • Falling apart after sometimes

Buying Guide Best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

Always look for a shoe that provides high protection and support, with the flexibility, stability, and breathability for your child they walk. Choose the shoes for your kids’ rubber soles with grooves, and which have multi-layers of memory foam. Check out walking shoes for flat feet and Overpronation.

It parents duty to look after the toddlers for their food, healthy growing, and sleep, and they should learn that how to interact with others, they need complete discipline to collude with each other socially, and how to behave themselves in society. You must have to look after the physical, emotional, and social development of your child as responsible parents.


Cushion effect will make a shoe more comfortable and make the walking experience for children easier, the cushion will provide bounce back motion and cooler environment for long-term wear.


Toddlers feel hard while walking, parents should have to select those shoes which have lightweight, as the shoe has substantial weight tired the child.


Many kids are much more active than others, so they need protection from injury and adjustability of the best shoe, there are many shoes for wide feet but select a best one pair for your child is necessary, to feel free from risk headache.

 Closure & Comfort

Always look the shoe for your child which fits properly and do not slip, as toddlers take off the shoe frequent so find shoes that have a lace-up closure, comfort is another most important factor which will be parents’ priority. A premium quality leather and fabric mesh help to moisture escape, prevent fungal infection, bacteria, and free of the smelly foot.

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