Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet. Pregnancy is the blessing and you have to gain a beautiful experience about these 9 months.

While pregnant women face many difficulties in pregnancy periods like nausea, heartburn, swollen feet, and lower back pain. Your body feels different undergo changes.

Pregnant women need more supportive footwear. In this condition, women need special care for the selection of shoes to their swollen feet.

The perfect selection has a great impact on your feet during the walk. It is time to replace your regular shoes with maternity shoes. After research, we select the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet.

10 Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

1. Skechers Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

Imported shoes are made with 100% synthetic and fabric. These famous brand shoes are light in weight and retaliate cushioning. Its have trustable quality and better performance in the walk with swelling feet during pregnancy.Best Shoes For Swollen Pregnant Feet

There are no difficulties to wear without socks. These shoes are not waterproof you feel cold when you wear them in winter. Suitable for the summer and springtime.

Easy to wear and won’t have the extra hassle of tying your shoelaces. Perfectly guaranteed smoothness and feel your feet comfortable in it. Toe of the Skechers shoes is” W” means wide that is the reason for recommendation swollen feet.

Not create an unpleasant odor because of good quality material. These imported shoes are not suggested to patients of the plantar fasciitis. Best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy.


  • Wide heal stability
  • Perfect comfort
  • Stable wide heel shoes


  • Not breathable design

2. BIRKENSTOCK Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

Birkenstock unisex shoes are manufactured in Germany since 1774. These arch support shoes are perfect for the swollen feet during pregnancy. Usually made with the leather.Pregnancy Shoes For Swollen Feet

The shape of shoes is anatomically suitable for the cork-latex footbed. The material used for its upper side is unbunck leather and oil. Imported shoes that have EVA sole. Layers of the shoes are absorbed the moisturizing and wet from feet.

It has the facility to adjust any size of feet with the help of a strap. Perfectly balance your body weight during the walk and running. It provides optimal support to your whole feet.

Comes in the market with two widths regular and narrow. When pregnant women wear these shoes feel walk like pillow it reduces the stress of mind. These shoes have eight layers that provide extra comfort to pregnant ladies.


  • Perfect design
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to wear during a walk
  • EVA sole shoes


  • Cannot clean the shoes easily

3. Dansko Women’s pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

These imported shoes are made with synthetic sole leather shoes. Its have wide heel for stability. The inner side of the shoes have great stability and support no difficulty to move up and down.Best Shoes For Swollen Pregnant Feet

The bottom of the shoes is an anti-fatigue rocker you feel comfortable when walking many hours. Purchasing shoes confirm the actual size that is perfectly fit on your feet.

You will also save from slip and also steady from slipping. Best pregnancy shoes for swollen feet.

This shoe has a pinky width between your heel and the back of the clog. The second step checks to wear the shoes on your feet and walk at the time of purchase. Feel that your feet are relaxed and or curl during the walk.

The third step stands on both feet with a proper weight with check and balance. Better for you with swollen feet when the heel of the shoes is not disturbed you.


  • Perfect instability
  • Light in weight
  • Great support quality
  • Wide heel for comfortability


  • Not waterproof

4. TOMS Canvas best shoes for swolen maternity

Tomas canvas is a new brand that is 100% authentic. Imported shoes available in original packing. This breathable leather shoe offers you great comfort and versatile in look. Best Shoes For Swolen Maternity

Available in a lightweight and have perfect flexibility. You cannot feel tired at all when you are in travel or in an exercise mood. A panel of this shoe is called V-panel easy to wear on and Off.

The lining of these breathable shoes is textiles. The stitching of the upper and lower side of the shoes is classic. A mixed rubber sole is used in the outsole.

Outstanding quality is super comfy and highly recommended for swollen feet pregnant women. These shoes are trendy and stylish. Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet.

Available at a reasonable price with different sizes and colors. There are good quality Women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours.


  • Mixed rubber outsole
  • V-panel easy to on and off
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Trendy and stylish look


  • May be tricky in sizing

5. Clarks Women’s shoes for pregnant swollen feet

Perfect and clean design shoes worn by the whole day for extraordinary comfort. No fear to slip on these shoes and its have easy wearability. The imported shoes are made with leather and it has a synthetic sole.Best Shoes For Swollen Pregnancy Feet

Shaped like a boot and its size is approximately “0.5” around and heel of the shoes is 2inch. The inner side is cushion soft mostly these shoes are worn casual style and suitable under many dresses.

35 million pairs of shoes are sold in a year because of its comfortability to swollen feet. Clark’s commitment to comfort, quality, authenticity and its have an only style available in the market.

Loafers have a professional look and a great choice for professional events. It has a reasonable price available in the mid-range.

Relief the aches from the feet for pregnant women who have swollen feet. Comfortable shoes for pregnant women and supportive shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy.


  • Leather and synthetic sole
  • Mid-range price
  • Cushion soft
  • Perfect for swollen feet


  • Not good for wide feet

6. Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis comfortable shoes for pregnant women

These shoes are more comfortable and orthopedic. It is risk and pain-free shoes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. Safe you from heel pain and plantar fasciitis.Shoes For Pregnant Swollen Feet

Light in weight stylish in look arch support and multiple cushioning layer shoes. You can walk for an entire day without tiredness and irritation.

Not create the odor smell in feet. A complete solution to relieve the pain of joint, stress, and neuropathy. Best supportive shoes for pregnancy.

The toe box of the Ortho feet is wide that why you get the proper comfortable from it. Friendly shoes have extra depth design with a removable insole. The area of forefeet is 1/4 that provides ample space for custom made orthotics.

These shoes are available in medium, wide and extra-wide width that offer you a perfect customized fit. Give you the maximum support for feet. As it has multilayer shoes, it has the quality of antimicrobial.


  • Good toe room
  • Well made shoes
  • Multilayer cushion
  • Perfect feet support shoes


  • Lack of stability

7. Vionic Women’s best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy

These shoes are a mixture of novelty leather, synthetic, or printed cow hairs. EVA footbed has a removable microfiber footbed. The outsole of the is made with rubber and it is durable.Maternity Shoes For Swollen Feet

The height of the heel is 0.4 and has biomedical design shoes is APMA (American podiatric medical association)seal of acceptance.

Beautiful style is soft with Minna, a timelessly ballet flat featuring. Its have soft dainty bow perfect for any women that have swollen feet with unmatched comfortability.

These shoes have biochemical contact suitable for all kind colors of casual and fancies dresses. It helps pregnant women in exercise and running errands.

Available in different colors at a reasonable price. Save you from diabetes mental stress and all kind of feet ache.


  • Biomedical design shoes
  • Flat featuring
  • Easy running errands
  • Durable


  • Not breathable

8. Clarks Women’s Malia Poplar A Boot

It is another shoe we list for a pregnant woman’s swollen feet. Arch measurement of this shaft is approximately “14” from the arch. The opening measure of the shoes is “17” around.Best Shoes For Pregnancy Summer

Clark women Malia is available in the market since 1825. It has a tall shaft with double buckle straps, instep zipper, and concealed goring. Perfect for ortholite footbed and the great choice for pregnant women that have swollen feet.

Easy to wear and keep the feet safe from injury with proper protection and comfort. Light in weight and outsole of the shoes absorb the water and save the feet from wet.

Clark women are the great support of your feet. An ideal choice for the winter season.


  • Stylish in look
  • Pure leather
  • Rubber sole shoes
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Not for enormous feet

9. JIONS Women Men Pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

The choice for summer made with the custom woven fabric. Rubber sole shoes that are breathable and comfortable in use. Its have extra-wide adjustability with velcro.Supportive Comfortable Shoes For Pregnant Women

Specially design for wide feet, swollen and fat feet. Memory foam of these shoes is healthy insole and absorbs the water in it. The rubber sole of these shoes is good for travel for perfect safety.

Help to increase and improve the comfort level. Specially designed for walker, diabetes, and for the targeted user. There is no problem you have a facility to purchase any size and color of the shoes.

Perfect quality material no complaints during use. Arch size increase 1-3 and you feel so light after wear. Save your feet from sprint and slipping.

Enough width and depth as compared to other sandals. comfortable best shoes for swollen maternity.


  • The arch size is 1-3
  • Enough width and depth
  • Perfect quality material
  • Comfortable in use


  • Not much less in price.

10. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe shoes for pregnancy

This is another great quality shoes for pregnant women made of leather and synthetic. Its have dual-layer leather and available in thongh style.Keep yourself safe from heel pain and plantar fasciitis.Best Shoes For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Man-made sandal style with fabric lining shoes easily on and off. The design of the shoes is a podiatrist with the facility of deep cup heel for better support to your feet. The solution to all feet problems of women experienced during pregnancy.

The midsole of the shoes is made with EVA that is helpful for reducing stress and any shocks. The outsole of the shoes with the rubber and size of the heel is 1.25 inches.

Vionic shoes are suitable for all kinds of ages women. The exceptional quality of the shoes gives you dominant power against rain, dirt, and other tough conditions. This is the perfect and durable choice for a year’s use.


  • Help to reduce stress and shocks
  • Available in thongh style
  • Rubber outsole
  • Less expensive


  • Not light in weight

Buying Guide Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

Now we make the list of top 10 best shoes for pregnant women who have swollen feet. We try our best to choose the good quality shoes to secure you from back pain ligament and trauma. Play a vital role in the circulation of blood. There are a lot of changes that occur during pregnancy as we discuss above so you get ready to take these shoes for your wide and swollen feet.  Check Out some common symptoms during pregnancy. There are different factors kept in mind while choosing shoes.

  • Brand
  • Easy to use
  • Fit and adjustability
  • Style


We are listed as the most famous and popular brand comfortable in use. These brands are trusted and reliable. Good quality materials are used in it. All of these are guaranteed and have reasonable prices. At the time of the walk, you feel like a walk on a pillow because of its softness. These shoe brands are a perfect choice to walk and travel.

Easy to use

As in pregnancy condition, your belly is growing day by day. So there is a difficult task to choose the best shoes we give you the facility to choose the best shoes according to your condition. These shoes are easy to on and off. You can walk fast without fear to slip. Sneaker shoes are a great choice for this condition. Very comfortable and friendly in use.

Fit and adjustability

This is the main important factor everybody seen in shoes. Check the size of your feet first and then choose the shoes. In terms of pregnancy your feet are not in normal size it’s sometimes is swollen. So you need wide shoes that give proper comfort at the time of wearing. A perfect choice is arch support that saves your feet from aches.


We never denied hat style is the main priority of women in any kind of age. Comfortability and style is the most important factor of shoe design for pregnant women. We list many arch support, sandal, boots. It depends on your importance to choose the great feature shoes for your feet.


Best shoes for swollen pregnant feet. We list the top products of shoes according to the expectation of pregnant women that have swollen feet. Try our best to give you extra support and comfort during pregnancy. Arch support shoes leave the rocker effect on your feet and have a smooth transition on each step. These shoes have bonus features smooth and comfortable.

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